Monday, September 14, 2009

Fishy Finds...

I'm always on the lookout for new koi designs to add to Koi Kouture's offerings (stay tuned for our current line-up to be added to the Koi Kouture store any day). I love searching around etsy for fun new creations by amazing independant artists.
Check out what I found today while shopping working...

How cool is this fold out card by foldoutcards! It's a whole pond scene in a card. These cards a really tiny too! I'm a sucker for miniture things.

I want to cuddle this pillow by DeCoccoDesign . Handmade felted wool...what more can I say? Love.

Such a nice change of pace from the kinda boring classic koi art we normally see. These three little prints by staceyfirth. They even have names (of course they do).
Say hello to Amber, Ruby and Tangerine!

I'm loving these adorable
Koi Thank You cards
from Badsister.
Super cute!
I love the glassine envelopes with the blue koi label.

Ok, now I want to remodel a bathroom. Mosaicsinconcrete may have won the Koi Crazy award of the day. This is some serious koi love :)

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