Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Haute Man...dles!

Check out Mandles mention in Haute Apple Pie Blog! I'm all about this blog! Such great gift picks, plus Modern Homemaking! Sign me up!

Ok...this is the part where my stomach takes over blog writing.
Hello, I'm Danielle's stomach. I'm the devil. Sometimes I makes her rationalize eating beans and rice withe the idea that because she's Mexican she's genetically predisposed to not gain weight. My latest ploy is to make her prepare this amazing Apricot Jalapeno Pulled Pork that I saw on the Haute Apple Pie Blog because it's got jalapenos, which are good for Mexicans, and apricots, which are healthy because they're a fruit. Healthy!

Don't scroll down...deliciousness is about to happen....

Enjoy...don't tell Danielle about my evil plans.

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